About Us

Bek & Frohnert LLC is a New York based conservation studio specializing in modern and contemporary art. Reinhard Bek and Christine Frohnert, have strong museum and research backgrounds, with 30 years of combined experience in painting, sculpture, modern materials, kinetic and electronic media art conservation in Europe and the United States.

The conservation of time-based media, installation and performance based works of art are at the core of our services offered. We will devise and execute treatments, survey and document collections, supervise projects, oversee exhibition installations, and develop preventive conservation concepts for storage, transport, loan and archival care.

Our approach is holistic. We believe that every artwork, whether it is technology based or installation art, is anchored in the time frame of its creation. In-depth knowledge of such factors as artist’s intent, documentation of the artwork, and materials and technology are key to the preservation of the artwork. Our goal is to increase the lifetime of an artwork with utmost respect, and to allow it’s integrity to continue into the future.